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4th November 2013

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Open Source Fandom Chat 4.13 Kickstarter!


Tumblr tl;dr: I’m taking an existing open source chat client and upgrading it, and I want your help to make it a cross-fandom, Tumblr friendly application! Tumblr has been wanting a chat client, and I think this has got the potential to fill that void!

The OSFC is a free and open source 90s style chat client. It will be based on an existing open source chat client. That client has a large user base that uses the client not just for geeking out and using it to roleplay (RP), but a lot of people that use it as their primary method of talking to friends! Now we want to make it better. 

One of the primary features of this chat client is that it can be skinned using themes, or to put it another way: its user interface can be changed to whatever you want it to look like. This makes it an immersive experience, and therefore an ideal chat client for role play and use by fandoms. Because of this feature, we think it makes it an ideal candidate for all kinds of fandoms, Tumblr users, and anyone who enjoys getting excited about fictional characters.

I think there’s room for a general fandom chat client. Fandoms of all stripes like to RP and they like to hang out with other people of that fandom. I think this can be a great place to chat that isn’t just Skype. That’s why one of the stretch goals is to create a web interface that will allow you to use it while browsing, as well as include features to integrate it into tumblr.

Tumblr, this is where you come in!

If you’re a Sherlock fan, this is what a cross-fandom client might look like for you:

The Kickstarter page has all the details!

Also, I have prepared a FAQ:

Q: What are the changes you’re planning?
A: Mostly changing the server protocol, fixing major bugs, better Mac support, and supporting mobile versions. The Kickstarter has more detail!

Q: Does this mean there’ll be more mods?
A: I am planning on having open auditions for moderators once the Kickstarter is over.

Q: Will I be able to roleplay my favorite character?
Q: I already roleplay my favorite character, will I be able to continue to do so?
A: Yes! The roleplay-friendly features will not be removed, and it will continue to provide those features into the future.

Q: Will I be able to chat with my friends on another network?
A: We are adding support for this client to communicate with a number of different RP networks.

Q: What if this Kickstarter fails? Will the current client be over with?
A: No. This project will extend the current client rather than replace it. If this Kickstarter fails, I will try my best to keep the server and client running as-is. I might continue to update it, but on a much less ambitious scale.

Q: Where’s the money going?
A: To myself to other programmers to get stuff done that I can’t, like Mac and mobile versions. I will keep a detailed log of how the money is used on my Tumblr.


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